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may day 070

Another shower

a run for cover

cold coffee to be continued in the shelter of the glass house

and then its over

the sun strikes the first apple blossom

I pick up the wet handled shovel and turn another sod

make another lazy bed*

Make hay while the sun shines.

* A ‘lazybed’ is a traditional way of planting spuds particularly in the west of ireland where the soil can be very thin above the rock. It is an ingenious affaire. Starting on a patch of grass, mark out the length and width of your bed with cuts from the shovel. The length depends on the size of your plot but the width is important (It needs to be approximately one and a half metres wide at the start)  Manure or seaweed is placed down the center directly on the grass and your potatoes zigzagged on top of the manure. Then you lift the sod from each side and cover the spuds neatly. If you get a nice angle, the sod will fit together exactly, sealing in the spuds. The grass rotting underneath adds heat and extra manure and encourages the spuds grow quickly and strongly. Its a great way of breaking up new ground too.